The Penn College SWORD (Student Wildcats of Robotic Design) Club was revived in 2015. The SWORD Club is a Penn College campus organization dedicated to the design, fabrication, and operation of high-velocity, high-energy, active-weapon combat robots. In the year the SWORD Club has been active, membership has grown to 40+ active members across a variety of different majors and disciplines. Members gather as a whole and into small teams to design and build the most fearsome 3-pound combat robot they can in preparation for our bi-annual robotic combat event held at Penn College that is open to public attendance and participation. Currently, there are close to 30 member-made robots being constructed for competition. The bi-annual combat event allows noncolegiate robot builders to compete, so members get to test their mettle against some of the nation's most powerful 3-pound veterans.

Tiny takes on Circuit Breaker at SWORD FIGHTS Fall 2016

A view of us setting up for the Fall 2016 event.

Our (safe) halloween robots that participated in the 2016 CommUNITY Fall Festival.